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April 2, 2012

First of all i want to write  that i was  blessed  with God loving parents,who  had sown the seeds of Spiritual Love when i was young , by telling the stories from the great epics ;-Ramayana and Bhagavatha,which made me attracted MY LOVE  towards  Lord Rama,[Ramayana] and Lord SRikrishna[Srimad bhaghavatha. .My mother was the first teacher[GURU IN Kannada]  who taught me the true values of life  by telling Lord Srirama’s beautiful charecters,which had embedded in my heart and mind ,which in turn, made me to devote  a part of my life to chant prayers and offer  food to the Lord.My mother wanted me and all my brothers and sister[ Three younger brothers and a sister]to follow the principles of Lord Rama.Next She wanted to me to have devotion to Lord Sri Krishna,to reach even higher goal;For that i used to have an Idol of Lord SriKrishna in my pooja room,and daily i used to chant prayers of Lord Sri Rama and SriKrishna, before doing my usual routine work.This i continued till my marriage .

My next teacher was my another mother;-My Mother-in-law,you believe it or not, she showed  the same love and affection particularly towards me as i am having  the same name os her lost daughter,who expired   her childhood at the age  in between 8 and 9. under  a tragic circumstance . She was telling that she used to call her daughter as ”paddu”affectionately. Gradually she continued showing her affection in many ways,by asking me to chant, ”Laxmi Sahasranaamam” ”Sri sthuthi’ written by famous poet ‘Nigamantha Maha Desikan  a famous Sanskrit poet like and a true Devotee of Lord Sri Venkateswara.”and other  sthotrams[Prayers],because, she used to say ,after her daughter’s death  she changed her daily ways of life and gradually made up her mind turning  towards Lord.But this helped her  a lot in future, she used to tell. My Father -in-law was a Physics professor working in a reputed college.In those days the salary he used to get was very nominal,and he used to find it very difficult to run the family of six children[my brothers-in-law are five in numbers and a sister-in-law, who are all living and are leading very comfortable life.She used to tell me after she started chanting ”sristhuthi” daily, whole life started changing for the better.  as i  was very closed to her by helping her in  every thing  which made me comming more closer to her. Whenever i was upset she used to pacify me and advise me to chant prayers wholeheartedly. Actually, our elders used to say that GURUS ”come twice in one’s life. That means;- when a man or woman desides to change life  spiritually, one Teacher comes to show a path .of  the journey to reach goal;and same teacher or Guru in another form ” would come to take HIm/her to reach and  fullfill the goal. Same thing happened in my life alaso.It was my luck to have Two Mothers in my spiritual life.But my bad  luck, both of them are no more. They had lead full life till last few months. I am still following the footsteps shown by my both MOTHERS.

Now i  , as a Mother taught the same thing to my children to follow,the footsteps shown by my elders.and thry are very much benifittedby this.


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