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The Beginning;-Influence of Great Leaders;-

April 17, 2012
    1. Since my child hood, i was very much  interested in  reading about the stories of  The great leaders  like Budha, Ramakrishna parama hamsa,Swami Vivekananda sage  Veda vyasa, who wrote Maha Bharatha  and Bhagavatha with the help of Lord Vinayakaeldest son of Lord Shiva and mOther Goddess parvathy,], Sage  Valmiki who wrote Srimadh Ramayana[Ramayana and Maha Bharatha are the great epics of Hinduism.] Srimadh Bhagavatha  is about Lord Srikrishna,Complete form[Poorna Avathara],of Lord Maha Vishnu ,who took   TEN  ”Avatharas”or ”Forms,”in His previous births  to protect His  ”Devotees” who  were suffering in the hands of the  demons Like Hiranyaaksha,Hiranya kashipu;and to [In this The Lord took two forms;- [a];-Varaha Avathara[Varaha means Pig] to kill Hiranyaaksha, who stole the Mother Earth , below the whole Universe.Lord took the form of a Big Pig and fought with the demon and freed Mother Earth

    2. .The principles of Lord Rama ;[1];-Truthfulness,[2] His obedience to his father[3];,treating all His mothers;Queen -Kausalya[Own mother], Sumithra queen mother of his twin brothers Laxmana and Shatrugna,and Queen kaikeyi , mother of his another brother Bharatha;] equal to His mother.Great love and  affection to his brothers.[4] Devotion to His teachers and elders;[5];Vowed to be a faithful to his wedded wife Sitawhose hands he won  by breaking   breaking the Bow which was given to  king Janaka’s[Princees Sitadevi’s father] ancestors,.gifted by Lord shiva . His  love towards His people and showing courage in fighting with Demons to safeguardthe interests of  his  the people of His kingdom.and protecting them.; I was very influenced by Lord Rama’s qualities which were embedded in my mind , since my childhood.

    3. In SrimadhBhagavatha [There are 12 chapters in this great   epic;Lord Srikrishna’s story can be read in the 10th chapter-.When i was ten years old girl there was anold man of my  grand father’s age who dedicated  all his life to read   about  Lord srikrishna’s life history, ,and chanting HIS prayers and slokas. Always he used  spend his leisure  times in  telling the stories about the Lord to  all the children [including me] of that  town,which is  my native place by name Laxmipura [Kuppam in Andhra pradesh] .particularly in the afterternoon .In stead of playing we used to assemble in a big hall ,where he used to  make us to sit arround him and would start  telling  the stories of Lord Srikrishna.we would  forget ourselves ,as we were involved in his way of telling  he would  explain some times by actions also., all the childhood and playfull activities of the Lord. Sometimes he would  teach Slokas and sometimes Bhajans, with true devotion.  He made us  chanting those slokas repeatedly  ,and he  would  ask us to repeat whatever he taught in the previous day. Thus we all had  learnt   all the slokas from him. which we never forget in our life time.Apart from that,.he would to tell many stories of Lord, in his own way, which we were al listening forgetting ourselves,and deeply involving. in them.l very much liked to hear again and again So this made my mind  always thinking about  Lord Sri krishna.In the end of that day he used to tell,that whatever we prepare or do anything we should pray first and offer Him because He is the supreme Lord ;by saying [Let God be kind enough to have this;-[SRIKRISHNA ARPANA NAMASTHU][continued]


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