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April 28, 2012

I still remember ,that sometimes  he would give examples of great devotees ,like Hanuman,who is considered as a Lord Himself  later,.and , Vibhishana, brother of  Ravana, [king of Lanka,attracted by the beauty of Sitadevi,wife of Sri Ramachandra,and  stole her,  in the absence of Him,,and took her to his kingdom , to marry her, forcebly.  Sri Ramachandra fought with him with the help of , thousands of monkeys,whose king was Sugreeva and his minister Hanuman.and killed him and another brother Kumbhakarna,and freed his wife Sita devi,and returned to his  kingdom, Ayodya, and crowned as the king and ruled his  kingdom with the help of his three brothers.His kingdom became famous as ”Rama raajya”,through out his term.

Many stories are told by various spiritual leaders on Lord Hanuman. It is a great belief that Lord Hanman still lives in a cave in  one of the mountains of Himalaya., He is called as CHIRANJEEVI”[ that means, those who will never have death, at all.Why he is called as ”chiranjeevi, Hanuman, ”, there is a story behind this.

  After returning from Lanka, along with Sitadevi , his brother, Laxmana, and all the monkeys,who helped Him to fight with Ravana,thus killing him,and all the demons, and attaining the throne, Lord Rama, gave presents to all of the monkeys,, Each one of them accepted the presents with  great happiness and  satisfaction,and returned to their respective places. But Lord Hanuman, stayed there. He didn’t want to leave His Lord even for a moment. Pleasing with his devotion,, Lord Rama, looked at His wife Sita,and asked her to present something to Hanuman. As per her husband’s wish Sita devi presented a pearl necklace to him.But to her utter surprise, Hanuman took that necklace ,separated each pearls, and started breaking by one. , When he was asked , the reason for his action, Hanuman told that he wanted to find his lord’s name in those pearls. But he couldn’t find in any of them,So he decided to break those pearl set. That much was his devotion towards Lord. He wanted to see Lord’s name in anything , anywhere, and everywhere.Lord descended from the throne, and hugged him with great love and affection.

  In the end When Lord Rama decided to return to His abode;-Sri Vaikuntam,going deep into Sarayu river,, along with all his brothers,, he asked Hanuman  who never wanted to leave Him, ,whether he wanted to come to Sri vaikuntam, Hanuman immedietely asked Rama, whether he could be allowed to chant Ramanaama, always,or to hear Lord’s glories., there, the certainly he would go along with Him. Rama replied that he could not be allowed to do any of those things, as in srivaikuntam, there is nothing But, ”Ananda”or Happiness everywhere.For that Hanuman replied, that , then he wanted to stay in this world as he always wanted to chant Rama naama, and to hear Ramayana stories. always. Rama was pleased with his reply and gave a boon, before returning to his abode, that there onwards HANUMAN WOULD BE CALLED AS lORD HANUMAN,AND  HE WOULD LIVE LONG, TILL THE END OF KALIYUGA. That is why He is called as chiranjeevi.It is still believed that Lord hanuman will be there, where,everRama yana stories, will be heard and Rama bhajans are    chanted.He would bepresent  there in an invisible form  always.


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