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April 28, 2012
First  of all , we have to understand, the  truth of finding God’s presence  in this world.The CONCEPT OF GOD IS ”LOVE”God will present  any where and every  where the  ”Love” exists ,that too, selfless ,pure[Satwick nature] or Sathwa guna[Indian language],and with great .devotion Many people  have shown us the paths to reach this Higher state of Energy. to follow for our well being.To achieve this, first we have to decide to seek God’s blessings  to show His presence.and to achieve  this   purpose,;many, many years back,  saints and sages, went on  doing penance,under the trees,[  with greatest faith and devotion] in forests  in places like Himalayan mountains, and also in many holy places.leaving everything.only to see God and they could find God by doing so.and were successfull in their mission.
These people who experienced this, have shown the paths , by means of writing Hymns, for the sake of the true devotees,and singing His Glories forgetting themselves,and thus spreading BHAKTHI [DEVOTION] movement. But why they should do? Because, they had foreseen  the sufferings of people because of the misdeeds they do to satisfy themselves  sand their kith and kin thinking nothing but worldly pleasures,which they think are permanent. They have to satisfy the needs of their beloved people, by not only providing food and shelter, but also try to please them by giving lots of presents and gift ,they like..In this process they had  to choose wrong paths , like stealing,and indulging in highway robbery, without thinking of  the consequences,And in the end ,when  they   realise ,they  would start an ascetic life, leaving all the worldly pleasures and  change their lives to become great  devotees of God.
Example  of one of the great devotees is Sage Valmiki, who wrote great epic of Indian culture ;-Ramayana.Before becomming  a sage he was   a great robber, who used to rob the  ornaments and belongings  from the people who were all passing, through  the forest, where he lived with his family That was only sourse of income.To satisfy their needs, he used to rob people by threatening them,  by showing a knife to them. Lord Brahma, who is the creator of all beings,decided to change that man  ,So he called Sage Narada,,who travelled all over the world by singing Lord Sri Mannarayana,’s  Hymns,and,,by chanting the names of Lord and thus spreading  glory of Lord.Sage Narada, was born to Lord Brahma, through His  power of Mind.[Brahma manasa putra] where as Lord Brahma Himself was born through an  UMBILICAL CORD OF LORD VISHNU;-SRIMAN NARAYANA IN A LOTUS FLOWER], ATTACHED TO IT,] Thus Sage  Narada was called as the grandson of Maha Vishnu,This sage  came  to meet The robber  who was waiting in the forest  for a pray, Purposely he was excibiting a great diomand necklace in  his neck. The thief was very much attracted by that jewellery, as he wanted to please his wife, by snatching that jewellery from Narada,to be gifted to his wife. But Sage Narada said that he would give it freely, but on one condion that he should  go to his house, and ask all his people whether they share some part of  the sins he was doing for pleasing them, and providing all the needs and thus satisfying them,For that , he gladly agreed, because, he was sure that they would easily accept to share all the sins along with him,He returned to his house, and asked his parents first, To his utter surprise, they replied that how they would be responsible for the sins he had done., and continued  that it was a son’s duty to protect his parents in their old age till their last breath. Dissappointed by their reply, he went and asked his wife ,whether she liked to share his sins,She replied, that how could share the sins committed by him,It was a husand’s duty to provide a wife’s some method or the other. she never asked him to steal or to kill a person to get  whatever she liked.only he had to bear the fruits of whatever he had done. With great dissappointment  with their replies he came back to Sage Narad, and surrendered before him and asked him to show a way to wash off all his sins  ,he was doing till then without thinking about the consequences. Sage Narada, who was waiting for that opportunity, showed a nearby tree and asked him what was that?That was the turning point in that man’s life. He said ”MARA[KANNADA]” Sage Narada, asked him to meditate that word repeatedly to be chanted as Raama , concentrating on that word only, without paying attention to any type of weather  conditions,and without thinking of food and thirst,or sleep. The man gladly agreed and the very moment started chanting. He didn’t bother about anything He went on the word Raama,  again and again in his mind, without  asking  sage Narada .He began to chant the Lord Raama’s name , repeatedly Sage Narada, returned to Sri Vaikuntam ,the abode of the Lord.Many years passed A great ant hill began to form covering His whole body. ,He was not even aware of that. He was chanting THE WORD , continuously He never bothered about outside world.At last  a great light began to glow  on the ant hill,and suddenly , it began to fall.  and by his penance a great sage appeared , He later named as ”Sage Valmiki.” Which means a man born out of ant hill. [Valmika;- sanskrit meaning.]

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