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December 31, 2012

         [A];-Grace of Lord;-

My husband retired as a Principle scientific officer in the Defence department in the central government office, in year 1994.He used to get transefer  from one place to another,every once in four years. But i couldn’t accompany him as we didn’t want to disrurb children’s education,as we had planned earlier, i,e, myself to stay at Bangalore,with my in-laws along with my kids.So he had to go alone  in specified places where he had been transefered,

It might be the year, 1985 he was in Jabbalpur, Madhya pradesh,where he had to live alone without anybody’s assistance.The house he was living was in the outskirts of the city.and there was no telephone connection in that area. He used to call on us once in a week,[every sunday].that too he had to go to the city which was about two kilometres from his place, by bus,.and used to chat with us for nearly one hour, enquiring about everybody,and return to his place That had become regular for us, and i used to wait ,very anxiuosely .for the next comming week.Like this days passed on. One sunday i was waiting for his call,but couldnot get, even  till late night. I started worried,i couldnot be in touch with him ,as we could not ring to his office, as per rules.Whole night i couldnot sleep.I waited for the nextday,for his call. i didn’nt know what might be the cause.I waited for the next week,IIn the afternoon, i could receive his phone call. He told that he was down with fever,and nobody could attend to him.He had to get the medicines from his office assistants , from city Medical there were  no medical facilitities in that area.He had to apply for leave and stay at home.Luckily the neighbour, who was a Bengali, took care of him while he was sick.

Imagine my fate! Whole night i couldn’t sleep, worrying about him,Next morning, it might be arround 3’0 clock.In my dream actually, you believe it or not , i was sitting on one of the benches in front of a temple,crying.Suddenly, from inside  i saw my Mother-in-law, comming out of the temple. She was wearing a Golden studded Banaras saree, smiling at me, She asked me why i am crying. In the dream also, i could tell the reason.She told why i should worry,and asked me to lit  ghee lamp in the house, in front of God,and pray, wholeheartedlymThat would sort out all the problems.Then she dissappeared .I got thrilled and immmediately wokeup. I told my mother-inlaw about my dream. She told that it was none other than Kashi Vishalakshi Devi, who had appeared in my dream  to console me.

When i got up in the next morning, i was in a very fresh mood.After going through all my  ablusions , i took bath and decided to lit ghee lamp at the temple itself for twelve daysand putting twelve rounds, before Lord Sri Venkateswara.I went to the temple and lit the lamps,and prayed to the Lord by chanting slokas of Lord,, to solve the problem.This i did by the grace of Lord,by .putting twelve  rounds in the premises. You believe it or not,on the twelfth day, after finishing my twelfth round ,and was about to go home,i saw my maid servant, who was working, came running  towards me,holding an envelope in her hand,said that she had received that, ten minutes back,and wanted to hand over the same. To my utter surprise, i could see that it was a telegramme from my husband.I opened that  immediately,and went through,I was overjoyed after seeing the telegramme, The matter was  that he got transeferred from ,Jabbalpur, and arriving Bangalore within a week!My joy knew no bounds.Then and there itself i paid my  whole hearted thankfulness to the Lord  for, He had heard my prayer and fullfilled my desire and returned home  with gratitude towards lord. Then after one week, my husband ,who got transefer permanently, from Jabbalpur, returned to Bangalore and joined   CENTRAL GOVT.OFFICE ;-DEFENCE DEPT. [A L I S D A] WHICH IS NEAR Jalahalli, to the north of Bangalore.

What i want to convey, from this incident,, which i experienced Lord’s kindness,  is that, we need not do penance like sages to get His blessings. we must put our heart, mind and soul together while praying.That means we have to surrender to LORD”S LOTUS FEET, completely,For HE wants pure love, that’s all.

Here, what i wanted to


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